BLU35Registration opens November 1, 2015

Last date for registration is September 15, 2016.

Registration process is automated by Webscorer. Payment can be completed using Paypal via Credit cards, or via Debit cards which is similar to paying via online transfer. If you are having trouble with any of the above mentioned payment methods, please use bank details provided in the registration form to make the payment once registration is complete.

Before you register for the distance you wish to run, please read the following. If you are in training for longer distances than you have run before and feel you can run a certain distance by the race time, please write to us at with you race history and the distance you are training for before you register.

50Kms – Minimum 3 full marathons
80Kms – Minimum 2 50Kms ultra marathons
100kms – Minimum 2 50Kms and 1 75Kms+ ultra marathons.
160kms – Minimum 1 100Kms ultra timed finish
220Kms – Minimum 2 160km ultra timed finish

Note: For relay registration, please mention the team name for all the team members. The form allows you to add each member individually, and make the payment together.



49 thoughts on “REGISTRATION

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      A 100 mile runner is expected to have at least run 80Kms and above in a race. Please email details of your current running experience to so we can advice appropriately.

      Best wishes,

    1. Hi Milan,

      We require runners to have prior experience of running marathons to register for 50Kms and 80Kms distance. It is open to everyone, including all SAARC nationals.

    1. Hi Suren,

      Which race are looking to participate in. It is recommended that you at least complete full marathons, a couple of them, and then aim to participate in longer distances.

      Let us know if we can provide any further information.

      Happy running.

  1. I appreciate your concern. Actually there was no any full marathon event near delhi/NCR since last few months but I am training hard and confident enough to complete 50kms now. Infact I planned to participate in this event long back so please allow me to register for 50Km catagory. Thank you

  2. I can’t seem to register through webscorer.
    Also the prices being shown is in dollars.
    What are the start timings/day for 80Km? What is the max time.
    Where is all this information? Can’t find it on your site.
    Vinod Kaul

    1. Hi Vinod,

      Race website: Webscorer should be ok. We are receiving registrations. Please let us know what the issue is if you are receiving an error message.

      You can pay either via Paypal or via online transfer, with rupee conversion equivalent to the day’s exchange rate. We are using Webscorer timing system which enables us to streamline timing without errors and expensive RFID systems, the cost of which again has to be passed on to the participants.

      Do write to us at should you need any further assistance.

      Happy running and look forward to seeing you in October.

  3. yes, webscorer seems to be working at last. However, I can’t accept paying in dollars, conversion or no – we live in India, and that too in Gurgaon, after all!

    1. Hi Vinod, the payment, whether dollars or rupees is the same. It is stated in dollars for since Webscorer does not have rupee facility. If you wish to pay in rupees, it still is the same. You only need to pay as per the day’s conversion rate, which amounts to what you the race fee is in rupees. There is no difference!

  4. Hi! Will it be fine if I register before 30th Aug, make my payment but send my mediclaim policy later I,becaus i applied for my policy today and it will take 10days for me to get the policy. Regards – nirmaljit

  5. hi. have already paid amount for 100 km race through webscorer. but my name doesnt figure anywhere in the runners list. where is the form like i filled last year????

    1. Karthik Venkataraman? You are already on the list. Will be updating the website list for racers once registration closes on September 7.

      Happy running.

  6. Hi

    I wish to participate in 50Mile ultra. May I know what sort of support would be provided by organizers. Most importantly, what sort of eating or drinking stuff would be provided by organizers during the run?!… Looking forward for your reply so that I can complete registration process at the earliest.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Shailendra, it was good to have a conversation with you. We provide refill stations for water, there will be ice, Enerzal/Electral, biscuits and chips. There will also be Bananas and oranges.
      Please don’t hesitate to call Avinash if you have any queries.
      See you in October.

      1. Thank you very much, Kavitha!! I did call Avinash and made the payment for 80K event through PayPal! Regards

  7. i tried to pay through my debit card but it is giving error message “unable to verify this card”. I have only one debit card through which i can pay.

    i want to register for 50K and it is showing the start time 1400 hrs on 2nd oct. is it correct?

    1. Hello Kapil, you can pay via an online transfer using the Citibank information provided. 50Kms does not start on October 2. Please refer to the detailed information provided on the race website. We have your pending information and will be confirmed once online transfer is received. Please write to us at if we can assist you further.

  8. I have been running since 2012. I have so far participated in 7 HMs and one 12 hours ultra run (Mumbai Ultra 2014) where i did 84 km (the certificate does not specify distance though). Do I qualify to participate in 50 k event?

  9. Is registeration still open for 50K ultra ? Also can you tell whats the price (in dollars) of the 50K and 80K events .

  10. Helloo
    i haven’t ran any marathon yet, just ran a few half but i think i m training well enough for a 50km
    can i register ??

    1. Hello Aditya, if you are able to train for 50Kms before the race and your current training is in place, you can register for 50Kms. Please ensure you write to us if you have any further questions before the race. Do read the blogs on the Globeracers’ website on Bhatti Lakes Ultra to prepare well for the race.

    2. Hello Aditya, if your training allows you to scale up to the distance you can register. All the best and happy training and running.

    1. Hello Rahul, you can choose ‘other payment ‘ option while registering and pay via an online transfer in rupees using the Citibank information provided on the registration page.

  11. Hi…
    I have done 161km. Run the rann.
    100km. Bengaluru ultra
    100km. Run the rann2015
    Can I register for 220 km….

    1. Hello Mittal, sure you can register. How was your timing for 161Kms?

      Best wishes,
      GR Team.

    1. That will be ok, Vikas. I trust you will train appropriately.
      Look forward to see you all in October.

      Best wishes

  12. Hi kavitha
    I have done only one full marathon(NDM) , but lots of 25 and 30’s in practice runs and want to do 50 km this time.
    Ki ndly consider and tell me if iam eligible for 50k?

    1. Hello Shiva, yes, you can register. Please ensure you plan and train for the distance with long runs included once a week.

    1. Hello Alok, if the two marathons are in the recent months or the past one year, you can run the 50Kms. Please ensure your training is upto par. If you need any training assistance, you can write to us on and we will connect you with one of our advisors.

      1. I ran one in Aug 2015 , Hyderabad marathon; the other in Jan 2016, SCMM Mumbai marathon…is that ok ?? can i register??

  13. Hi,want to run 220 k.As I am from Mumbai,how do I go about with 4 crew help.Can you arrange the crew if I pay 500 Rs for each.

    1. Hello Anthony, We can help you find runners who volunteer to crew for runners at Bhatti. Payment of Rs.500 is for the food and services we provide to the crew members during the race not to provide crew members.

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