About Bhatti Lakes Ultra (BLU)

  1. When was the first edition of Bhatti Lakes Ultra?  – Bhatti Lakes Ultra’s first edition was in October 2010.
  2. When did BLU achieve its UTMB qualifying status – BLU was awarded UTMB qualifying points during its 3rd edition in the year 2012.
  3. What was the original route of BLU? – The route, the first three years, started at the tarmac section of Kant Enclave, entering the forest section after two kilometers. The route now does not include the tarmac section.

Race details:

  1. What are the a categories in BLU? – The race has 6 categories, aimed at maximizing ultra experience of all endurance runners. – 220Kms, 160Kms, 100Kms, 80kms, 50kms and 24 hours. It also includes relay running in 80kms and 50kms categories.
  2. What are the categories in BLT? – Bhatti Lakes Trail was introduced in 2015 to bring trail running closer to home for all those who want to experience trails even while running shorter distances and not only in an ultra race format. This category of the race has 20Kms, 10Kms and 10Kms Relay.
  3. What categories must have crew support? – 220Kms, 160kms, 100kms and 24 hours categories must mandatorily have crew support. Number of crew members is listed in the race details, and must adhere to the rules and regulations of each category.
  4. Are we allowed to bring crew vehicles to ply on the route? – No, this is a forest region, and Globeracers being environment friendly, does not allow motorized vehicles on the route, other than the organization’s vehicles to supply goods to the aid-stations, with limited access. The path is narrow as well and hinders runner’s progress.

Relay runners: 

  1. Each runner of the relay team starts at the first aid-station (the start point of the race)
  2. Relay members must be ready 30 minutes prior to their start time and report at the first aid-station when they arrive for their leg of the relay
  3. No two relay members of the same team are allowed to run at the same time. They must start their leg of the relay after the previous runners completes their distance (which is equal for every relay member)
  4. Each relay member must run equal distance.
  5. Completion time is the cumulative time taken by all the relay members.

Directions to the race venue:

  1. The race venue is Kant Enclave, Suraj Kund, Faridabad.
  2. Here is the Google location of Kant Enclave: https://goo.gl/maps/TJMFLJeZjH82
  3. In detail, please follow these markers: The race starts at Kant Enclave, Suraj Kund, Faridabad. The best way to reach the location is to follow directions to Karni Shooting range near Asola Wildlife Sanctuary (also Tuglakabad Fort area). If you are arriving from Delhi side and the Shooting range is on your left, continue and follow the road till you reach the police check post and Kant Enclave is immediately after that on your right. If you arriving from Faridabad side, Kant Enclave is on your left before the police check post. If you reach the shooting range, you have gone too far.

Deferring my race entry:

  1. Globeracers, in its unmatched commitment to its runners and athletes, offers a one time roll over of your race entry (with 80% of the race fee carried over) if we receive your request for a carry forward before the race, no questions asked. This race fee can be utilized towards any other races in the same calendar year or the following calendar year. If the fee is not utilized in this time frame, you will forfeit the race fee and it will put towards the athlete fund that Globeracers provides to athletes it supports.

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