Funding sport is one of the least thought of causes though we all run, ride, swim and play many other sports. Through our activity we raise funds for education, human rights, and many other causes that are dear to us. At Globeracers, we are trying to fund activity of athletes who require training assistance, amateurs who need guidance, equipment and means to train and live, and in general organize activities that create awareness and interest in sport, as a professional athlete and as a way of life. We believe sports creates great human beings, as we see in the course of events where we meet generous, accomplished and full-of-energy souls.

Raise funds through your racing for a sport, running, cycling or swimming, one that you are passionate about. Come together with us to create this support platform. You can donate to Athlete Fund, and absolutely request information of whom and how we support. You can also read funds required details on our Globeracers’ page here:



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